Tajika Shastra

House-wise Analysis of Annual Chart

Each house of the Annual chart must be analyzed first individually, then jointly with other houses and finally with the corresponding house of the Birth chart, before arriving at any conclusion. The rules for strength/weakness of any house or their basic significations remain the same, as in Natal horoscope. The results of planets would deped on their Panch-Vargiya or ViswaBala in the Annual chart. Stronger the planet, better would be the results. Some of the classical combinations in respect of various houses are discussed below:

First House

  • A strong Lagna and the lagna lord, having great Panch-VargiyaBala, placed in Lagna, Kendra or Trikona house ensures good health, wealth, happiness, and dominance over opponents throughout the year.
  • If the lagna lord of the Birth & the Annual chart, the Muntha lord, Lord of the year and the lord of 8th house, are all strong and placed in houses other than 6, 8, or 12, the whole year would year would pass in comfort, and sees good health, wealth and fame. If these lords are weak, in houses 4, 6, 8, or 12, and bereft of benefic influence, the whole year proves troublesome, causing adverse results and may even cause death, in case of adverse dasa operating.
  • A strong benefic in lagna, aspected by strong lagna&Muntha lord ensures good health, wealth and fame.
  • The lagna under the association/aspect of malefics, bereft of any benefic influence, leads to various troubles, quarrels, ill health and degradation.
  • A malefic, in a Kendra in the Birth chart, falling in the lagna in the Annual chart, produces adverse results.
  • A malefic, happen to be lagna lord in the Birth chart, casting inimical aspect on the Lord of the Year or lagna lord in the Annual chart, indicates illness. Additional malefic influences may lead to troubles equivalent to death.
  • When the sign falling in the 8th house of Annual chart is identical with the lagna in the Birth chart, it indicates illness.
  • A direct planet in the 12th house from lagna and a retrograde planet in the 2nd house, cause illness. Such a situation in relation to the Lord of the Year or lagna lord of Birth/Annual chart, may cause imprisonment, if the Birth chart also indicates the same.
  • Lagna lord in the 8th house of Annual chart, in inimical aspect of Mars, cause injury by weapon or accident.

Effects of Planets

  • A weak Sun as lord of the lagna, the Year lord or Muntha-lord, would cause bad health, ailments of eye or skin, or misunderstanding with parents. The native would also have lack of courage or be humiliated.
  • A weak Moon (if it also happens to be one of the five office-bearers), will give eye trouble, loss of wealth, peace of mind, status and of health. It may also cause, professional disappointments and failure in litigation. But a strong Moon, in Kamboola yoga involving lagna lord is good for health, wealth and peace of mind.
  • A weak Mars in the same category, would give wavering mind, disputes with enemies or within family, lack of initiative, rheumatic pains & diseases, fear from government or fire, and miserable sexual life.
  • A weak Mercury in the same category, placed in lagna, would make one lustful and cause mental aberration and gives loss of prosperity & obstacles in intellectual pursuits. However, strong Mercury will provide high caliber of intelligence, happiness to wife, gain of wealth & friends, and advantages from government.
  • A strong Jupiter in lagna (preferably as lagna lord) would give name, fame & wealth, good health, happiness to & from spouse & children, improvement in business, honour&favour from those in power and destruction of enemies. A weak Jupiter in lagna destroys all these good effects. A weak Jupiter in lagna destroys all these good effects. A debilitated Jupiter deprives one of all comforts during the year.
  • A weak Venus in the lagna destroys married life. There are no comforts & luxuries, and relations with opposite sex are unhappy. But a Strong Venus gives good family life, increase in wealth, all types of comforts and honour from the government.
  • A weak Saturn in the lagna, brings reversal in job/profession, troubles from wife, friends & servants, and windy ailments. An exalted Saturn in lagna, however, would give happiness from children and makes one popular. The Saturn, if in its own sign, provides good & robust health.
  • Rahu or Ketu in lagna, would cause fear from enemies, excess of expenditure, loss of reputation, stomach ailments, disputes and troubles from government or from children.

Cancellation of Adverse Influences

No adverse prediction should be made, unless factors causing their cancellation/modification are taken into consideration. Some of the such features are as under:

  1. A strong lagna lord, Muntha or Year-lord under benefic influence (aspect/association) in lagna, or in houses 5,9 or 10.
  2. A strong Jupiter under benefic influence, bereft of any malefic influence in a Kendra/Trikona.
  3. Jupiter and 7th lord under benefic influence, but bereft of any malefic influence.
  4. Malefics in house 3, 6 & 11 and benefics in Kendra/Trikona.
  5. Strong lords of Muntha, Birth lagna and Annual lagna placed in Kendra, Trikona, 2nd or 11th
  6. Exalted Jupiter, Venus and Saturn establishing Ithasala with benefics.

Dwi-Janam year (Year of second birth):

When the Birth lagna recurs as lagna in Annual chart, it is called Dwi-Janam year. Such a year is generally adverse and leads to illness, disappointments, reversals, monetary loss, loss of name, fame or even death. Following points must be noted in this regard:

  • If the degree of lagna in Birth and Annual chart are identical, the entire year produces adverse results.
  • If the Birth-Nakshatra (one occupied by Moon in Birth chart) too rucurs in the Annual chart, along with the lagna, and if Moon & Jupiter are weak or placed in 6th or 8th house under malefic influence, the year proves very bad. If the Birth chart also shows an adverse dasa, the year may prove fatal.
  • The Moon in 6th and Jupiter in 8th house during a Dwi-Janamyear, may cause serious illness or death.
  • When the Lord of the Year, lagna lord of Annual chart, and the Muntha lord are strong and well placed, much of the blemish of Dwi-Janam year is taken off.
  • Much of the adverse influence of Dwe-Janam year is taken off, if Moon & Jupiter in the Annual chart are strong and well placed.

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