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Basically I want to discuss three main aspects of Astrology here.
1. Areas, where Vedic Astrology differs from Western Astrology.
2. How Karma theory influences Astrology.
3. Astrology in relation to New Age thought or How efforts can thwart destiny,

The Sun, we see daily with our eyes is in my opinion just a ball of fire. It is actually an organism, which is fiery and dynamic. It changes its mood every moment. The moment the mood-change occurs, life on Earth gets affected. During the time of eclipse, the whole world becomes silent. Birds stop chirping. Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, believed that every star and every planet gives out a unique vibration, as it travels round the Sun. Let us assume that when you are born, there was a unique vibration emitted by the planets. When you live in harmony with that vibration, you are healthy; you are sick, when you are out of tune with that vibration. This principle explains why we suffer during certain planetary dashas, and are happy during other planetary dashas; further it explains how we are either helped or harmed by planetary transits. When Saturn transits over a house, which is 8th from the Natal Moon, you undergo hardships. This is because of the functional enmity between Natal Moon and transit Saturn. Please note that when Jupiter influences you, by way of a good dasha or transit over a good house, it throws positive vibrations which you receive and when you are in harmony with those vibrations good events occur. If Saturn were to influence you, then adverse things happen due to the harmful vibrations. If you could nullify those negative vibrations through your positive vibrations, then you could live your life during those periods, without undergoing any hardship.
Astrology is not a developing science. It was a developed science in some extremely advanced civilizations. But we have lost many of its contents and inherited the fragments. The more research is done, the more it becomes evident that the special talents of a person are linked to the time of birth. Professor Brown, in his study of over 50,000 horoscopes, came to the conclusion that all Generals have either a strong Mars or Mars was in the ascendant at the time of birth. Astrology says that what you become tomorrow is connected to what you are today. What you are today is linked to what you were yesterday. Without knowing your past, you cannot know your future- your future is the child of your past. Science is the investigation of the cause of all that exists today, Astrology is the investigation of the effect of all that exists today. This is why, Astrology is basically an investigation of the future.
Between Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology, I for one can say that there are two areas of divergence.

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