Astrology Readings – When will Moon remain pleased?

When will Moon remain pleased?

Moon in the Ascendant

Moon in the ascendant makes the individual well versed in Sastras. The native will lead a happy and wealthy life, if aspected by benefic Jupiter. The native will be intelligent. If the lord of the ascendant is weak, then it will affect the native’s health.

Placement of Benefic Moon in one’s horoscopes gives good health, wealth and name and fame by doing virtuous deeds; but ill placed Moon or malefic aspects on Moon gives loss of wealth through unwanted source. Disposition of Moon in a Kendra house from Jupiter gives rise to Gajakesari Yoga, conferring wealth and comforts in life. In general, presence of Waxing Moon (Sukapaksha) in the following signs such as for Scorpio ascendants, as the lord of 9th in the ascendant; for Libra natives, as the lord of 10th in the ascendant; for Pisces native, as the Lord of 5th in the ascendant gives benefic results in full; to get good results in full the ascendant lord should be strong and well placed. With ill placed ascendant lord, it affects the native and gives negative results.

Moon in the second House

Second house signifies wealth, (Dhana Bhava), education, family-life, speech and intelligence. With Moon in the 2nd house, the natives will earn good wealth and enjoys all comforts of life, provided it should not get any malefic influences. Moreover, it should not be the lord of the 6th or the 8th or the 12th house. i.e For Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo ascendants, with conjunction of Moon with benefics the native wil be highly qualified and earn good wealth.“Waxing Moon in the 2nd house that too in the sign of Aries (for Pisces ascendant) as the lord of 5th in the 2nd house; in Taurus, the exaltation sign (for Aries Ascendant) as the lord of 4th in 2nd house; and in Cancer, Moon’s own sign (for Gemini Ascendant) as the lord of 2nd in the 2nd helps the native to have good knowledge, wisdom and also helps to earn good wealth; if it gets malefic influences, it spoils the native’s education, learning, family-life and health. But conjunction with a benefic will minimize its effects. In general, the second house should not get afflicted by any malefic.

Moon in the third house

Third house signifies siblings, courage etc. Placement of Moon in the 3rd house is not so auspicious for finance related matters; but in the sign of Taurus, (for Pisces ascendant) as the lord of 5th in the 3rd house; or in the Cancer sign, in Moon’s own house (for Taurus ascendant), as the lord or 3rd in the 3rd , gives prosperity to the native because of its aspect on the 9th house (bhagya house). Presence of Moon in the 3rd house helps the native to be courageous and makes the native to conquer enemies easily. Also the native will enjoy happiness through his siblings. If Moon gets Jupiter’s influences, it will help the native to earn fame due to religious deeds.

Moon in the fouth house

Fourth house signifies mother, conveyance, royals and one’s happiness. Benefic Moon in the 4th house will help the native to attain high status in Profession/Career, because of its aspects to the 10th house (one’s Profession), provided the native’s 10th lord should not get any malefic influences, either by conjunction or by combustion. If the 4th lord is strong or in the exaltation sign, then the individual will have good fortune and enjoy comfortable life with high-class conveyance. Disposition of Moon in the 4th house from Jupiter will give rise to powerful Yoga conferring wealth, name and fame to the native. It is very important to note that for planets to give benefic results, it should be strong and well placed without any malefic influence.

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