Vedic Indian Astrology refers to the use of astrological system orginated in Ancient times of India and developed by Vedic Gurus and Sadhus. Vedic Astrology involves the deepest knowledge of planetary movements and it's effect on human beings. This is well known to everyone that planets affects the geographical condition of earth but in Vedic Astrology it is believed that every human being in this world is affected by the planetery movements. Good, Bad, worse etc. all happens due to favorable or unfavorable movements of planets.

You may be facing ups and downs in your daily life, but often you fail to recognize the cause of such failures. In such a situation, astrology plays a very beneficial role. Astrology predicts about all areas of your life and thus helps you to find the exact cause of your problem and also provides various remedies by which you get rid rid of your problem. 

The team of VedicIndianAstrologer.com is committed to provide you best Astrology, Vastu, Feng-Shui and Spiritual healing solutions to help you overcome from any problem in life. We strive all the time to involve the vedic astrological knowledge with the use of modern sciences.

The theme of Astrology, Vastu, Feng-Shui and Spiritual healing is as ancient as Vedas. Study of topics related to planets, stars and other celestial objects used to be main  in Astrology.

Main forms of Astrology are :

  • Vedanga Astrology
  • Theoretical astronomy or Mathematical Astrology
  • Falit Jyotish (Astrology)
  • Ank Jyotish (numerology)
  • Khagol Shastra (Astronomy)

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